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February 2018

Empire Apple is great!

Empire Apples

Empire apple. Empire apples are just better when grown in colder areas. Empire apples another great New York Apple.  Some people just have to have Empire and apple to bake that apple pie like Mom used to make.

  • Stored correctly Empire apples have a crunchy texture that kids love.
  • More great apples developed in the State of New York
  • Empire apples are between Red Delicious and McIntosh.  Empire apples have a sweet-tart taste that is ideal
    for eating and salads but also great for sauce, baking, pies and freezing.
  • Empire apple, empire developed in 1966 at the New York State Apple Experiment Station in Geneva NY
  • A piece of historical data is that the Empires that you see that are dark dark red, are Royal Empire which is an
    Empire apple sport found at the Teeple Farm in Wolcott, NY along the banks of Lake Ontario.


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